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June 28, 2003:
Finally an update! :-)

Added 19 decent quality vidcaps and 1 collage from "Run, Runnie, Run!".
Added 1 collage from "Unhappily Ever After".
Added 6 high-resolution candids.
Added 1 high-resolution promotion picture.
Added 1 misc. scan.
Added 1 vidcap collage from "Unhappily Ever After".
Added 2 wallpapers.

January 19, 2003:
Added 3 vidcaps.

January 4, 2003:
Added 1 new misc. picture.

November 17, 2002:
Re-added the two pictures again. The traces of editing seems to be due to copyright removal or similar.

November 16, 2002:
Removed the two recently added pictures as they seem to be fabrications.

November 14, 2002:
Added two new scans submitted by an anonymous fan.

November 1, 2002:
Added one new collage to the misc. section.

October 20, 2002:
Added two new vidcap collages.

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The new design:
The frameless design is based on tables and CSS. Technically it is based on templates, server side includes and automated generators. This way I can still make due with a single file for the menu, a single file for the layout and so on. Everything is merged by scripts run automatically.

The top logo bar is in red and white because those are the colors of the danish flag (danish meaning 'of Denmark' which is a fairly small country in northwestern Europe. You can read some slightly outdated demographics on Denmark here).

Occasional lack of updates:
Sometimes it may be weeks or months where nothing seems to happen, and then I start getting numerous requests for updates. First of all I'd like to say thanks for the interest in this site. I'm happy you enjoy my little corner of the web!

Second, I'd like to explain the policy of this site regarding updates: I always update when I get new material and then I update with everything I got. I'm never holding anything back, which also means that you'll get everything as fast as possible.

So no updates means nothing to update with. It's as simple as that.

If you have material you'd like to see on this site, please let me know and I'll get it on here as time allows. :-)

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