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Archived News: August 2002

August 27, 2002:
Added 3 new misc. pictures and 1 new wallpaper, all contributed by Rogal Dorn again! - Thanks!

August 25, 2002:
Added one more picture from the sitcom "It's Not About Me" and two wallpapers, all created/contributed by Rogal Dorn. Thanks!

Also added 6 HQ-scans by scan artist ScanMaster from the Dutch edition of FHM Magazine, May 2002.

August 24, 2002:
Added 5 new pictures contributed by Rogal Dorn. Thanks once again! :-)

August 23, 2002:
Added 1 new picture from the sitcom "It's Not About Me", contributed by Rogal Dorn. Thanks!

August 13, 2002:
There was unfortunately a problem that made it impossible to view the full size version of a picture when you clicked on a thumbnail, but it has been fixed now. Sorry about that!

August 11, 2002:
Just for the fun of it I added a section featuring a randomly selected quote to the bottom of all pages except the cover page. Most of the current collection of quotes comes from Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956), an US Editor and Critic.

August 3, 2002:
Added 1 new vidcap collage to the misc. section of the gallery.

I also added a news archive to the site so that the news page is easier to use while retaining all the older news items.

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