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Archived News: July 2002

July 29, 2002:
Added three new vidcap collages from the movie "Run Ronnie, Run".

July 28, 2002:
Made the menu context-sensitive and made some adjustments to the style sheets.
Also added two images from the Summer 2002 edition of "Diet & Exercise".

July 22, 2002:
I'm off on vacation today. I should be back on friday, July 26th.

July 21, 2002:
World premiere of version 2.0 of this site! :-)

Hope you like the new frameless design!

July 18, 2002:
I'm working on automating the news archive at the moment so things may look a bit strange. Sorry about any inconvinience this may cause.

July 17, 2002:
Added three new pictures today; two candids and one new scan from FHM's 100 sexiest.

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