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About this site

This site was created on June 22, 2001 by Per Gøtterup who still maintains it as webmaster. That's me on the right here.

The idea was basically to create a site with a lot of quality pictures that all are thumbnailed and hosted on the same server so that everything's always online.

I was so tired of sites featuring the same boring old pictures and crappy vidcaps, or sites where you just got a bunch of filenames and had to click on each one to see what picture it was, or sites where the thumbnails were hosted on one server and the full size pictures on others, resulting in either missing thumbnails or missing full size pictures (or both) when one or more servers were down, over their limits or whatever.

That will never happen here by the way; it's all or nothing - and there's absolutely no bandwidth limitations here. There is a concurrent download limitation however so if you try to download the entire site, you'll get a few problems... ;-)

No, someone as beautiful as Nikki deserved something better as a fan tribute and this is my humble attempt at creating such a thing.

This site is special in a different way as well, because it is totally non-commercial; no banners, no ads, no sponsors, no nothing except the pure beauty of Nikki Cox.

Here you'll get free access with no age verification or similar hidden pay-per-view schemes as seen on other major Nikki sites. There is no moral reasons to add age verification because there is no nudity of any kind in a Nikki Cox collection - because she hasn't done any nudity! If you need to generate an income from your site, say so! - Don't hide it or use pathetic excuses!

The site lives on a Pentium III/850 MHz machine running Debian GNU/Linux and Apache Server. The server is privately owned by the webmaster and is physically hosted in the most well-connected datacenter in Denmark, ensuring 100% uptime with redundancies on all fronts - power, cooling and of course networking, probably making it the fastest and most accessible Nikki Cox site on the net. This datacenter is NetGroup Data Center and I just happen to work there in a technical administrative capacity... :-)

Now please stop reading all this boring text and go and enjoy the beauty of the lovely Nikki Cox! :-)

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